Heated Orifice Block

Experience unparalleled reliability in cold weather conditions with our revolutionary nSure technology. Engineered to thrive in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius, our patented design ensures optimal performance even in the harshest environments.

Key Features

  • Internally Heated Orifice

    Our advanced patented glycol heated block technology guarantees that the internal orifice remains heated, preventing exposure to extreme cold temperatures.

  • Supports Wet Natural Gas or Propane

    Versatile compatibility for various fuel types, providing flexibility for different applications.

  • Adaptable to Any Burner System

    Seamlessly integrate the nSure block into your existing burner system for enhanced reliability.

  • Optional Thermocouple

    Monitor glycol temperature with precision through SCADA, ensuring optimal operation and early detection of issues.

  • No Need to Upsize Glycol Lines

    Eliminate back pressure loss with traditional radiators, as our system eliminates the need for upsizing glycol lines.

  • Optional Quick Hose Adapters

    Streamlined maintenance and servicing with quick hose adapters for easy removal.

  • No Restriction or Back Pressure

    Ensure uninterrupted operation with our glycol pump system, free from restrictions or back pressure

Technical Details

Glycol Heating

The glycol heated block operates by circulating warm glycol fluid from the engine’s skid to the nSure block, which then transfers the heat to the orifice. The orifice will adopt the same temperature as the glycol process

Minimal Back Pressure

One of the key advantages of our system is the minimal back pressure it introduces to the glycol system. This ensures efficient circulation of glycol fluid without impeding the overall performance of the system. 

Prevention of

Freeze-offs in the orifice are a common issue in cold weather
conditions. However, with our heated orifice technology, this risk is mitigated. By constantly
heating the orifice via the glycol circulation, we eliminate the possibility of freeze-offs, thereby ensuring consistent and reliable operation.

Seamless Integration and Compatibility

Our nSure Heated Orifice Block seamlessly integrates into existing burner systems, offering versatile compatibility with both wet natural gas and propane. This adaptability allows for flexible application across various industries and environments.

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