When You can’t be.

The hub of Noralta’s SaaS platform, our state of the art Control Center actively monitors production sites and facilities 24/7, using the latest monitoring technology integrated with Noralta’s suite of enterprise software solutions. Control Center operators and technicians have field experience and extensive training, and thus an intimate knowledge of your operational business requirements. And they are always available to assist you, at any time, just a phone call away.

Non-Stop Support when
You Need It

Your assets are monitored 24/7, and you can set parameters for notification and escalation of alarms, depending on your requirements. Noralta’s field-experienced operators and technicians can boil down multiple alarms into a single interpretation, reducing “nuisance alarms”, and can provide you with better information about the situation instead of just providing raw alarm messages.

Why You should choose nControl

Asset Management & SCADA​

Real-time troubleshooting and monitoring of automation equipment and systems​

Staffed by certified and trained technicians who understand the global energy sector – real people you’ll get to know, and can relate to on an ongoing basis​

Increases production by reducing downtime and implementing optimization tools​

Increase production by reducing downtime​

Control and manage systems remotely with just a phone call​

Monitor and control the security of your sites and facilities with intrusion detection, thermal imaging, digital surveillance cameras, and live warnings​

Reduce environmental footprint through prevention and early detection of spills, leaks and other on-site issues​

Proactive monitoring reduces unplanned downtime and increases effective response times​