Enterprise Oil
Operating System

Noralta’s nHance group of SaaS-based solutions for oil well automation systems has capabilities ranging from simple call outs to complete digital deployments for oil well automation, production optimization, remote monitoring and pump protection.

Combined with Noralta’s nControl 24/7 control center, nHance gives you powerful management abilities for oil well dynamic operation. Maximize remote control and minimize human intervention.

Our nHance group of remote solutions have a variety of features that give you the information you need, when you need it, providing confidence in your operation. Compare features among our nHance group.

nHance System Features

Remotely monitor, control,
and optimize safety

Monitor for tank spills and alarm
response on all potential spills

Integrate with Hydraulic or
VFD operated PCP wells

Non-PCP type wells can
utilize nHance One or nHance Plus systems

nHance platform panels are designed
and built in Noralta’s certified Panel Shop and are ready to install

24/7 expert technical support
for all installations

Scalable for Your Oil Well Operational Requirements

Our nHance oil well operating system is highly customizable, and can be tailored to the scale and scope of your operations. Our expert team of consultants will work with you to assess, customize and deploy the solution that’s right for you.

The Right Package for You

nHance is available in three customizable tiers depending on your requirements:

nHance One

The nHance One platform is a somple, cost effective SCADA solution set up to monitor hydraulic pressure and engine battery voltage. Monitoring these operating variables enables immediate notification that a well is down. A valid call out is then provided to field operations, resulting in quick repair and minimal downtime.

nHance Plus

The nHance Plus platform utilizes advanced system design that offers maximum expandability and flexibility to allow end users the ability to accommodate all remote requirements. The system will monitor typical operational data as well as calculate production information.

nHance Enterprise

nHance Enterprise is a fully integrated control system that uses measured production combined with Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP) operating parameters to automatically manage the pump in a manner that optimizes liquid production, while protecting the pump should the wellbore inflow be interrupted due to sand, has and/or inflow issues. This results in reduction of both unscheduled downtime and operating costs associated with PCP failures and well site workovers. nHance Enterprise is recommended for heavy oil wells that produce high volumes, newly drilled wells, or wells with intermittent production.

The nHance Suite of Options

nHance One
nHance Plus
nHance Enterprise
Engine Battery Voltage
Hydraulic Pressure
Tank Level
Floor and Efficiency Firmware
Production Firmware
Wellhead Speed Control
Casing Pressure

Noralta can custom build a cost-effective solution that makes sense for you and your operations.

All Packages can be Customized with the Following Features

Artificial Lift Optimization

Get the Most from Your Production

The nHance digital remote monitoring system is a simple, cost effective hosted platform set up to monitor efficiency of the Progressive Cavity Pump. Employing Noralta’s patented production algorithm, our system automatically regulates the pump speed based on maximized efficiency. Our algorithm intervenes automatically to conserve the life of a pump experiencing low or no oil flow conditions.

What this Means for You

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