Noralta Technologies

Measurement Compliance

nGas is Noralta’s SaaS solution for gas well monitoring. Automated monitoring installations often generate “stranded data” – information that’s not accessible to operators and of little value to them.  Combined with Noralta’s nTerface service, nGas gives operators remote access to flow data from their wells.

  • Increases operator efficiency – Operators can plan proactively, prioritize problem wells and reduce windshield time
  • Artificial lifts can be remotely tuned, resulting in increased production – this applies to any form of artificial lift, such as plunger lifts
  • Noralta’s flow measurement is compliant with regulatory standards across North America, such as API 21.1 and Directive 17
  • Feeds data directly to other systems such as production accounting, reducing manual keying and errors

Allows real-time monitoring of production