Noralta Technologies

nHance One

Heavy Oil Well Optimization

Noralta’s nHance One platform is a simple, cost effective SCADA solution that monitors hydraulic pressure and engine battery voltage. By monitoring these operating variables, you’ll know right away that a well is down. Only valid call outs are sent to field operations, which means minimized downtime.


  • Simple callout system (hydraulic pressure and system voltage)
  • Single flow line wells (hydraulic pressure, tubing pressure, wellhead RPM, system voltage, casing pressure optional)
  • Single tank wells (hydraulic pressure, tank level, wellhead RPM, system voltage, casing pressure optional)
  • Dual tank wells (hydraulic pressure, 2 tank levels, wellhead RPM, system voltage)


  • Designed as a callout system to monitor a well’s run status by observing hydraulic pressure and engine skid battery voltage
  • Can be expanded to monitor 2 more inputs as well as RPM