Noralta Technologies

nHance Enterprise

Heavy Oil Well Optimization

Noralta’s nHance Enterprise is a fully integrated control system that uses measured production combined with Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP) operating parameters.

  • Automatically manages the pump to optimize liquid production
  • Protects the pump in case of wellbore inflow interruption (sand, gas, other inflow issues)
  • Reduces unscheduled downtime and operating costs arising from PCP failures and well site workovers
  • Recommended for critical heavy oil wells (large producing wells, newly drilled wells or wells with intermittent production)


nHance Enterprise’s patented technology monitors PC pump efficiency to optimize well production without jeopardizing the bottom hole pump. By monitoring wellbore flow conditions, nHance Enterprise is able to recognize periods of interrupted inflow due to sand or gas influx, and respond to these conditions.
nHance Enterprise adjusts pump speed to prevent wear or failure to help extend the life of the pump. The patented control algorithm is designed to increase well speed when pump efficiency exceeds user defined set points and to decrease well speed when pump efficiency falls below set points.  The frequency, magnitude and limits of well speed changes are all user configurable.


  • Single well battery
  • Progressive cavity pump
  • Intermittent wellbore inflow
  • Periods of unattended operation
  • New well completions


  • Obtain peak production volumes faster: Faster reaction time than current methods of manual optimization on new well completions
  • Increase production volumes: Assurance of pump protection enabling effective management of fluid level in the well bore
  • Increase pump life: Reduce unnecessary heat by slowing well speed to match inflow
  • Reduce operating costs:
    • Decrease servicing frequency – flushby, pressure trucks, coil tubing units and service rigs

Reduce load fluid or lost load volumes by properly managing recycle pumps