Noralta Technologies

Heavy Oil tank interface detection

Noralta’s nGauge SaaS-based solution package offers level monitoring in production tanks.

  • Measure interface levels of sand, water, oil, foam and gas
  • Sensor strip is non-intrusive to the tank and resistant to damage and contamination; can be installed with zero downtime
  • Our custom algorithms give you the best possible tank content data
  • A great decision-making tool for fluid logistics
  • Reduces inefficiencies – know how much your tank holds before you send your trucks out, and send the right truck out at the right time
  • Prevents damage to the burner tube by warning of high levels of water or sand
  • Can be integrated into existing SCADA systems
  • Chemical treatment of oil can be customized based on the tank’s actual contents, resulting in cost savings HS&E
  • Saves fuel costs – by enabling better water management in production tanks, water can be removed from the tank before it hits the burner, saving on propane costs

nGauge has a number of health safety and environment benefits.

  • Minimizes environmental risk
  • Reduces your overall carbon footprint
  • Can prevent foamovers