Noralta Technologies

24 x 7 Operations Control Center

The hub of Noralta’s SaaS services, our Control Center actively monitors well sites and operations around the clock, using the latest monitoring technology.

  • Provides hosting and support for Noralta’s nControl service
  • Operates 24/7, non-stop
  • Control Center operators have field experience and training, so they have an intimate understanding of well sites and fields
  • Better alarm interpretation – Because our operators have field experience, they know what alarms mean, so you’ll get better information about the alarm, not just the raw alarm message
  • Better filtering – our field-experienced operators can boil down multiple alarms into a single interpretation, which means fewer “nuisance alarms”
  • Operators have training and experience in customer access and problem resolution

Operators can assist you with optimizing your wells, and production in general

Asset Mgmt & SCADA

Hosting services provided through our state-of-the art Control Center, which fully monitors your oil and gas well performance.


  • 24/7 live monitoring and support via our Control Center based in Calgary, AB
    • Real-time troubleshooting and monitoring of automation equipment and systems
    • Staffed by certified and trained technicians who understand the global energy sector – real people you’ll get to know, and can relate to on an ongoing basis
  • Increases production by reducing downtime and implementing optimization tools
  • Production reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Data kept on redundant servers


  • Control and manage systems remotely and conveniently with just a phone call
  • Increase production by reducing downtime and implementing optimization tools
  • Proactive monitoring reduces unplanned downtime and increases effective response times
  • Continuous monitoring virtually eliminates losses
  • Safety, network and security services – including callouts for operators, internet to field offices and security camera for high risk places


nControl’s non-stop real-time monitoring offers a number of health, safety and environment benefits, including:

  • Increase personnel safety
  • Increase environmental protection
  • Reduces environmental footprint through prevention/early detection of spills, leaks and other on-site issues
  • Safety, network and security services
  • Condition monitoring – H2S, with wind direction, for operations safety
  • Instant notification of problems – maximizes protection of the environment