Noralta Technologies

Remote Monitoring Solutions

Saas-Based Solutions for Wellsite Monitoring and Operational Intelligence

Noralta is the only technology company offering a full suite of true, robust, proven remote monitoring solutions for the oil and gas industry on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis. And we provide true full service, with our team of operations consultants monitoring your remote operations from our Control Room on a 24/7 basis.

While cloud-base services are now the standard in many if not most software categories, the SaaS approach in the oil and gas industry is growing rapidly, and for good reasons.

  1. Lower cost of implementation.
    With SaaS, you pay for what you need, without having to buy hardware to host your new applications. Instead of provisioning internal resources to install and configure an application, the vendor performs much if not all of the work to get their software configured for your needs.
  2. Reduced time to benefit.
    In the SaaS model, once the software application is configured, it is ready to use. Because it is a pre-existing application, training of your users can often begin — using demo screens and data — even while it is being configured for your specific needs.
  3. Pay as you go
    SaaS software gives you the benefit of predictable costs both for the subscription and to some extent, the administration. Even as you scale, you can have a clear idea of what your costs will be. This allows for much more accurate budgeting, especially as compared to the costs of internal IT to manage upgrades and address issues for an owned instance.
  4. The SaaS vendor is responsible for upgrades, uptime and security.
    Under the SaaS model, since the software is hosted by the vendor, they take on the responsibility for maintaining the software and upgrading it, ensuring that it is reliable and meeting agreed-upon service level agreements, and keeping the application and its data secure.