Noralta Technologies

Burner and Combustion Division

Noralta Technologies Burner Management and Combustion division can install all B-149 compliant systems for legacy and new installations with all certified controllers. Our licensed gasfitters will optimize your burners to lower your maintenance costs, reduce downtime and lower your fuel consumption. We also have our web based asset management software, which we can store all burner documents / certification and set up automated scheduling for Burner PM’s. Our burner technicians can co-ordinate yearly PM’s, calibrations and routine maintenance to coincide with any burner PM’s to save you money. We can also integrate your burner management systems into our SCADA platform nTerface, so you can be notified of any issues or view the burners online.


New and retrofit solutions for the following:

  • Line Heaters
  • Single well Tanks
  • Dehys
  • Treaters
  • Free Water Knock Out’s
  • Glycol Re-Boilers
  • Single  & Multi-Well Tanks

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