Noralta Technologies

About Noralta Technologies

Transforming Remote Site Data into Corporate Knowledge

Since 1995, Noralta Technologies has been making it simple for companies in a variety of industries — including oil and gas, forestry, power generation, remote plant and pipeline facilities — monitor and acquire data from remote operations and translate it into insight that leads to better operational and corporate decisions.

We have always been and remain focused on remote site monitoring. It’s our sole focus, so we do it well. Our technologies, service and field operations are synchronized to provide focused, best-in-class stewardship of your company’s remote operational information.

We provide a complete suite of SaaS-based applications, field services and construction services. We listen to our clients and customize all solutions to ensure their needs are fully met on an ongoing basis.

The result? Our clients tell us we give them operational intelligence that they can understand and use for oil well optimization and other aspects of their operations. Over time, we’ve earned their trust and loyalty. It’s gratifying for us to hear how Noralta has contributed to their success, because we know we’re partners in that success.

Once you build a track record of success like that, word starts to get around. Our reputation in the energy sector, as one of the leading oilfield technology providers, is growing every day.

Since our Control Center began operation in 2008, our customers who use the service say it has given them greater peace of mind and better insight into their operations.

  • Some of our clients report that, because of our service, they were able to avoid pumps burning out.
  • Some have been able to prevent environmental spills.
  • Some say they’ve been able to thwart criminal activity.
  • Best of all, some tell us lives have been saved.